10 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business

Olivia-Lobell-Ezine-97-BlogAre you attracting more clients, making more money and growing your coaching business consistently and authentically? It’s not always easy for coaches, holistic practitioners, solo-entrepreneurs, small business owners and other service-based independent professionals to attract and keep lots of clients, quickly, authentically and consistently. These “10 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business” will help, support and serve you to get there. Some you’re doing, some you’re not, but they all work. The key ingredient here is to slowly and systematically add these to the way you position and promote yourself and you’ll get better results. So start today, and do one at a time.

10 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business

1. Build Your Email List  (your own online community) – Specially when you don’t know enough people to contact

2. Follow up & Keep in touch with your list of contacts (your own networking/community) – Particularly when you know plenty of people but you’re not contacting them

3. Get Presentations & Speak to Sell – Specially when you’re contacting people but not getting appointments

4. Master Client Enrollment Conversations –  Particularly when you are making appointments, but not getting sales, not getting new clients

5. Become a Smart Networker – Learn how to have “30 seconds to 2 minutes” client attractive conversations while networking

6. Write articles & blog posts – For your own blog/community and also share them on other people’s sites/blogs

7. Publish a weekly or biweekly e-zine (email newsletter) – To share it with your entire online community

8. Create a referral building system – to consistently and automatically bring you more clients

9. Call people/contacts via phone or Skype daily & weekly – Practise having business conversations more often

10. Offer a FREE strategy / discovery / breakthrough session – Work smarter, not harder

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