5 Mindset Secrets To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business [Part 1 of 2]

Enize-5-Mindset-Secrets-To-Attract-Clients-To-Your-Coaching-Business-Part-1Are you interested in attracting clients to your coaching business, or are you committed to attracting clients to your coaching business? Are you wondering what’s the difference? If you’re interested, you’re going to give me all the excuses, you’re going to do what’s convenient for you, and you’ll come up with all of the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t. However, if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes, whatever it is necessary to attract clients to your coaching business, and you will not give me any excuses or reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t. And most important, you will make a “no matter what” decision and “no excuses” commitment to make it all happen. Like the old saying confirms, “When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient for you, but when you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.”

If you look at any highly successful coach, author, speaker, trainer, leader and expert, they are committed. There isn’t one of them that I’m aware of that hasn’t done the work to learn what they needed to learn. They then applied whatever it is that they learned. There’s not one of them who hasn’t applied the Law of G.A.D.I.
(Go And Do It 🙂 !) no matter what. This week’s article is all about sharing with you my “5 Mindset Secrets to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Business.” Have fun, learn a ton, feel the love and enJOY! 🙂

5 Mindset Secrets To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business [Part 1 of 2]

Mindset Secret to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Business #1: Start small, but dream BIG, and believe in it no matter what.

Even if you are continuously taking small steps each and every day toward your coaching client attraction journey, you need to dream BIG, and most important, believe in your dreams no matter what. As you move forward, dare to dream bigger and bigger, because when you do that, you stretch yourself (get out of your comfort zone) and stretch what you believe is possible for you, for your life, for your business, and for your clients. The light at the end of the tunnel might be just around the corner. Perhaps it’s not a straight tunnel; perhaps it’s a curved one. So be brave, step outside, and show up open to receive. Prosperity/abundance is your birth right. Believe it and protect your dreams no matter what.

It’s time to transform your vision of what you can do. Yes, it’s noble to work with one, two, ten, or twenty clients, but imagine what would happen if you could play bigger and work with hundreds and/or thousands of students. Think about the ripple effect, think about the legacy, think about fulfilling your full potential and your life’s purpose, and think about how rewarded you would be for it, both in terms of impact and income.

However, it’s not about the money. I know you love the money; we all love the money, the house, the car, the shoes, the holidays, etc. And you will be handsomely rewarded each time you get your message out there in a much bigger way. But there is a self-imposed limit. And the self-imposed limit comes from not knowing how. So I’m going to show you how right now by sharing with you the Coaching Client Attraction Success Formula.

The Coaching Client Attraction Success Formula

MV + MP + MO = MC + MI = S
(more value + more people + more often = more clients + more income = success)

When you add and create more value to more people more often, you attract more clients and more income. Therefore, you prosper and profit in your coaching business, and eventually you experience both spiritual fulfilment and financial success in your coaching business because you come from a place of service, from a place of love, from a place of authentic abundance. That’s wonderful news, isn’t it?

The truth is there will never be shortage of the things, people, and resources you can attract. Why? Because you have infinite potential, possibility, and power within you. There will always be enough people to pay you what you want to be paid (for the value you create), no matter what that is. You can raise your rates and people will pay it. There will always be enough people to pay it if you give from the heart, if you are open to share your gifts with the world from a place of service.

So there will never be a limit on how many clients/students/people you can help, serve, and support as well as inspire, impact, and influence. There will never be a ceiling on how many irresistible offers (programs, products, and services) you can create and sell. There will never be a ceiling on how many participants / attendees will attend your live events, purchase your online training/coaching programs, or participate in anything that you do, create, and provide.

There is an infinite supply of unique ways you can offer what you offer. In other words, you can transform your inner wisdom into your outer wealth that others don’t offer. So there is never any competition. There will never be a ceiling on how much you can make on your coaching business. Why? It’s a universal law. Because there is this unlimited power, infinite energy in the universe that wants to give you prosperity and abundance as long as you are who you truly are and come from a place of service. The only person who sets limits is you by thinking small and having those self-imposed limits, disempowering thoughts, habits, limiting beliefs, and behaviors inside of you.

Your thoughts + feelings/beliefs + actions = your results. Your thoughts create your feelings/beliefs, your feeling/beliefs create the actions you take, and your actions create your results. The good news is that you can shift your mindset (your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and behaviors); you can break the current paradigm. Yes, you can shift it by doing things different. There is no end to how much you can attract if you understand the basics of the universal law. So, again, start small, but dream BIG and believe in your dreams (and protect them) no matter what.

Mindset Secret to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Business #2: You don’t attract what you want; you attract what you BELIEVE you are!

You may be wondering, if there is an infinite force, unlimited supply in the universe, why don’t I have all the clients I want and need yet? Why is it not happening with me yet?

The answer: Because there is a struggle that’s going on inside. There is a big block on your inner road preventing you from moving ahead, and as a result, it creates an incongruence between your conscious (what you say you want) and your subconscious (what you REALLY believe to be true and what you expect).

When there is a struggle on the inside, there is a struggle on the outside, resulting in so many things getting in your way, such as your fears and doubts, old beliefs and habits, rules and resentments, self-image and self-criticism. All of this we can call “resistance,” and all of this resistance creates self-sabotage, which makes you procrastinate all your big dreams, deepest desires, and authentic aspirations. So how can you attract all the clients you want and need, and prosper and profit from your coaching business if you are not being what and who you authentically are? How can you attract client and money abundance if you are letting all this resistance dictate your actions and inactions?

Unfortunately, most people don’t know they have this resistance inside. If they do know, they don’t know how to master their mindset, meaning how to act in spite of that resistance. The good news is you can master it if you have the right process, the right tools, the right training, the right coaching/mentoring. Once you know how to remove your roadblocks in order to attract clients to your coaching business (all the clients you want and need), you are open to receive client attraction success (an abundance of more clients and money) and move from being interested to being committed to attracting clients to your coaching business.

So embrace the mindset shift with this simple yet profound mindset secret, because who you spend your time with is who you become, and who you listen to creates your reality. Live your life wisely and always remember, you don’t attract what you want; you attract what you BELIEVE you are!

Mindset Secret to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Business #3: Your mindset is the CEO of your life. It runs your life.

Why is it that people can get so motivated and so excited about something—perhaps a client attraction success strategy—and tell others about it, but then they do nothing to implement it in their life? I often encounter people who say, “I know what I could be doing for building my coaching business.” When I ask, “Why aren’t you doing that?” the most common answer is, “I don’t know.” Then, they tell me stories about why they aren’t doing this or that. They are actually telling themselves and me rational reasons (excuses) that unconsciously keep them stuck at their current level.

By doing my own research, studying, learning, and implementing on everything and anything to help others succeed, I recognized that there’s a part of the mind that gathers information and there’s another part of the mind that actually applies the information.

The first part of the mind is where we have explicit beliefs and habits, which means we can talk about them. They’re simple thoughts. They’re simple conversations. However, there’s another part of the mind that stores the implicit beliefs and habits we have. This part happens to be known as our subconscious mind, and it controls our behaviors, thought patterns, and perceptions automatically.

Here is a big learning point I want to share: If you want to see long-term behavioral changes and result changes, you need to retrain this part of the mind, the subconscious mind, just like you would reprogram software for a computer. For example, on a computer, you have the computer hardware. You have the operating system. You have the software. Well, the same thing is true with the human. We have our body (the computer). We have our mind (the operating system). And we have our programming and conditioning (the software). So when you work on and apply these mindset secrets on a daily basis, you start to change the software of the mind and create a client attraction success mindset.

If you can relate to lack of confidence, lack of clarity, and lack of certainty, to make that leap in your coaching business and move to the next level, you need to change your mindset, because your mindset is the CEO of your life. When you make that jump and leap from the inside out, it becomes much easier and effortless for you. If it’s true that our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions cause our results, then it’s even more true that our beliefs and our habits cause what we’re thinking about, what we’re feeling, and what we’re doing or not doing. Therefore, our mindset, our inner world, runs our outer world.

Highly successful coach vs. unsuccessful coach

The difference between someone who is highly successful and someone who is unsuccessful has nothing to do with skill or knowledge. The difference is their mindset (thoughts, beliefs, and habits). So if you can change your thoughts, beliefs, and habits and master your mindset, you can change your life and achieve whatever you choose. You may have heard this old saying before, “Change your thoughts, change your life,” because, again, your thoughts + your beliefs/feelings + your actions = your results. Therefore, your mindset creates your outer success/results.

For example, when you set a goal to earn $1 million a year, your mindset (thoughts, beliefs, and habits) is not the same as someone who’s thinking about $50,000 a year. What you do is not the same. Who you meet is not the same. The person you are and the way you speak, act, and present yourself is not the same. The way you see yourself and show up in your business and life each morning is not the same.

As you can see, we’re all capable of thinking about a $1 million deal or a $1 billion deal. However, most of us aren’t because we’re not conditioned to, or when we do we immediately think, “That’s not possible for me” or “I don’t know this” and we allow that to stop us. If you speak to some highly successful people, you’ll quickly find that they’re just like you and me. They’re just thinking and doing things differently.

This is really exciting. Because now you know that you attract all the clients you want and need when you start changing your thoughts/beliefs, which changes your feelings and habits, which changes your actions, which changes your results. And that changes your impact and income. When you make the shift you finally master your mindset.

The choice is yours. Either your mindset is your master, or you are going to be the master of your mindset. The same mind that’s keeping you alive right now is the same mind you have access to, so use it to help you achieve whatever you choose in your business and life. Choose to master it, and not the other way around. Always remember, Your mindset is the CEO of your life. It runs your life.

Authentic Business Success in Action

Apply the mindset secrets you’ve just learned in your daily life (on a regular basis) and start attracting more clients, more impact, more income to your coaching business once and for all. Write these mindset secrets on your special notebook/diary and keep them close to you as a reminder to keep you committed to attracting clients to your coaching business, and most important, committed to attracting all the clients you want and need. Have fun and enJOY! 🙂

QUESTION: Which thought/believe is holding you back from attracting clients to your coaching business? Let me help you remove these self-imposed “rules” so you can FINALLY attract all the clients you want and need to your coaching business. Please share you comments, insights or challenges below. We’d love to hear from you. Your CLIENT attraction success is my TRUE passion! 🙂

Thriving together,
Olivia 🙂 


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