The Making of Big Visionary Leader Olivia Lobell

Olivia Lobell is the author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur and a contributor author to Pebbles in the Pond, where she is featured alongside New York Times Best-Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Sonia Choquette, Christine Kloser, and dozens more transformational authors.

As founder and CEO of Authentic Business Success Ltd, she has created a dynamic company that is devoted to empowering enlightened entrepreneurs: Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Leaders, and Experts (C.A.S.T.L.E.) around the world to build a thriving business around their blessing, attract more ideal clients, and make a lot more profits while being authentic and aligned with their passion and purpose.

Olivia is the creator of the Authentic Business Success (ABS) System and also the creator of, a resource of free training videos, articles, and audio downloads on achieving authentic business and marketing success to trust, transform, and truly thrive as an enlightened entrepreneur.

Through her transformational books, coaching and mentoring programs, and live events she shows her students and clients how to make a difference doing what you love (and get well-paid for it!). She is the leading voice for the emerging make-a-difference-based enlightened entrepreneur movement.

Thriving Training and Mentoring with Enlightened Experiences!

Olivia is a much-loved Authentic Business Success Mentor and has travelled across two continents, America and Europe, meeting many leading experts and learning from hundreds of life-changing book authors. She has completed dozens of online training programs by life-transforming seminar leaders and millionaire mentors, including some of the very best transformational teachers and business leaders on the planet, such as Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, T Harv Eker, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, John Assaraf, Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and many others. Olivia is a world-known expert at enlightening minds, empowering hearts, and inspiring souls to achieve authentic business success.

She is a member of the Elevate online training program, being mentored and coached by the Entrepreneurial Guru for Women Ali Brown and the Small Business Marketing Coach James Roche. She is also a member of the Transformational Author mastermind program led by the Transformation Catalyst Christine Kloser, and she belongs to the private community Get it Done Bootcamp led by the Global Authority for helping Thought-Leaders Launch Transformational Sold-Out Seminars Max Simon.

Olivia’s background includes a degree in Letras (English and Portuguese teaching), Brazil, a Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), London, UK, and a 10-year experience as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher at FISK Language School, Rosario do Sul, Brazil.

Olivia’s Personal Story

A more personal reflection from Olivia – She will tell you personally how her clients, students, and mentors made her what she is today…

My Defining Moment: From Soul Searching to Soul Singing

That defining moment in my life happened in late 2008. By the end of that year,  I was celebrating the completion of my Master’s Degree in London, UK—a big dream of mine coming true—after many aspiring years of deeply desiring it, enjoying the fruits of my success in being a Master Teacher.

So, why was I trapped in an inner emptiness, feeling uneasy and unclear, and experiencing a sense of disconnection from the inside out? Why was I struggling to enjoy my successful language teaching career with my head and heart surrounded by confusion, concerns, and worries about the years to come?

I felt I didn’t know what I wanted, nor did I desire to work in a 9 to 5 job anymore, which made me feel even more overwhelmed and frustrated. I was unbalanced, asking myself, “Why am I here? Why do I feel so empty while I have such success?” The gap between my outer success experience and the inner world of myself was HUGE.

Something was missing, and I have now discovered what that something was—it was me and my soul! I was unawakened, living my life unconsciously, without purpose. Although in many respects I had been very successful, I was completely lost inside. My authentic self was not only largely absent, but also starving and screaming to be heard in my daily life. Because I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, I was getting and achieving a lot, but was still not as fulfilled as I desired to be. The authentic me was struggling.

So what happened?

I had my deepest wake-up calling – spiritual awakening – which led me to go through a self-discovery stage in my life, what I call my “soul searching” journey. During this journey, I realized that the inner emptiness I was feeling was my soul screaming out in divine discontent, saying to me, “You have a unique purpose to follow. Discover your true, authentic self, and follow your biggest dreams, deepest desires, and authentic aspirations. Only do what you passionately love and what makes you feel purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilled.”

I went through three years of totally immersion in self-growth and entrepreneurship and I learned to listen carefully to my inner voice—my authentic self—and act on it despite my fears, concerns, and anxieties. I began to pay close attention to who I truly wanted to become, what I really wanted to do, and what I authentically wanted to create in my life.

“I started with nothing but a dream”

In early 2009 I discovered personal development and I started with nothing but a dream. It was definitely a turning point in my professional and personal life. I immersed myself deeply into self-growth, and with the support of my precious husband, I was able to invest my time, money, and energy into as many books, courses, home study programs as I could. During that time, I learned and implemented success secrets, universal laws, and spiritual principles from the very best transformational teachers and legendary thought leaders, including Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, T Harv Eker, to name a few.

By the end of that year I discovered professional coaching and I was over the moon. I realized that I had been teaching, training, mentoring, and (informally) coaching students, professionals, family, and friends for so many years, but I didn’t know about coaching as a professional career. I happily exclaimed to myself, “Oh my goodness! There is a profession for my passion, my purpose. I can’t believe it!” It was everything I wanted to do… to help others succeed in life by following their dreams, passion, and purpose, and create a life they love.

At that moment I made a commitment to immerse myself in everything that had to do with professional coaching and building a successful, thriving business. So again, I read every book on coaching, business, marketing, and mindset I could get my hands on. I went to every seminar, workshop, and course that was available.

Just to give you an idea of my commitment, in 2010 alone with the Coaching Academy (The UK’s leading coaching training company and the largest in Europe), I attended 19 full training days for two diplomas: Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching, as well as Advanced Accelerate Days for CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  I also went to T Harv Eker’s three-day Millionaire Mind Intensive, Clinton Swaine’s three-day Play to Win Seminar, Chris Howard’s Breakthrough to Success Seminar, Brian Tracy’s Business Seminar, and many other NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Business, and Marketing workshops, conferences, and seminars.

“I became who I dreamed of being”

I essentially decided to become an expert in personal transformation and business growth, and I eventually became a specialist in authentic business and marketing success.

During this self-discovery process—my soul-searching journey—and after reading and learning from hundreds of life-changing books, including audio books and online training courses, I had an epiphany! The thing I enjoy MOST and I am TRULY passionate about is actually the authentic business and marketing success secrets, universal laws, and spiritual principles that help you transform your inner wisdom into your outer wealth. In other words, I realized my passion was to help people marry the inner and outer game of authentic abundance so they can have head and heart in holistic harmony and eventually achieve authentic abundance, success, and freedom from the inside out.

I was blessed to transition from a successful 10-year language teaching career to building a thriving business I love while being authentic and aligned with my passion and purpose. I became who I dreamed of being – an enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E. (Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Leader, and Expert) and started sharing my message to other enlightened entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones!) around the world.

Trusting, Transforming, and Truly Thriving

Since then, I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other passionate professionals – authentic authorities: (C.A.S.T.L.E.) – succeed in sharing their message out into the world in a big, bold, and positive way so they can build a thriving, sustainable, and profitable business they love faster, better, and with much more freedom, fulfillment, and fun. That’s when I was finally drawn to become a heart-centered, make-a-difference-based enlightened entrepreneur and let that BIG business vision, dream, and mission I have carried inside me—in my head, heart, and soul—for such a long time to come out. Walking my talk, I show my students and clients how to create business breakthroughs to experience authentic abundance, success, and freedom from the inside out.

I now feel incredibly blessed to have discovered my purpose. I am living my passion, following my heart, doing what I love, and my soul is singing again. It is such a blessing and joy to build and grow my own authentic business, and to inspire, empower, and enlighten others to discover their blessing, passion, and purpose. I feel honored to help people bring to being their best selves—their authentic selves—and help these passionate professionals create the business and life they’ve always dreamed of.

Inspiring Transformation through Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Olivia designed a very unique virtual business model that allows her to share her message, mission, and vision with more people than she could personally see in a day. She began to write books, develop programs and products, and speak on her approach to business and life of authentic abundance, freedom, and success filled with passion and purpose.

She loves to teach, inspire, and lead by example. Her unique abilities, gifts, and talents include enlightening minds, empowering hearts, and inspiring souls to take aligned, aspired, and authentic action toward their biggest dreams and deepest desires in order to create immediate, influential, and impactful results.

Olivia’s BIG message, BIG mission, BIG vision

A passionate, purposeful, and powerful creator of her own authentic abundance, freedom, and success, Olivia is a lady on a mission. Her BIG business vision is to help one million passionate professionals, what she calls authentic authorities: Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Leaders, and Experts (C.A.S.T.L.E.) achieve authentic business success and truly thrive as an inspired leader, empowered creator, and an enlightened entrepreneur by 2020!

Her key message is simple: you are here for a reason, to be of service, to give and receive, and to truly thrive. So be who you are destined to be, do the work you were born to do, share the message you were meant to share, and make the difference you are here to make by following your heart, listening to your soul, and doing what you love. As a result, the more impact you make, the more income you make. It’s a message that has transformed thousands of lives.

Transforming her Unique Purpose into a Legacy

Today, she combines her enlightened experiences, expertise, and wisdom about inspiring transformation through entrepreneurship to help enlightened entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones!) connect with and create their business and life they love from the inside out while prospering and profiting from their passion and purpose. Her work is based on her Authentic Business Success (ABS) System and shows how to trust, transform, and truly thrive as an enlightened entrepreneur.

Olivia lives with her husband, soul mate, and business partner, Marcelo, in London, UK. Her live events (workshops, seminars, and retreats) along with her irresistible offers (programs, products, and services) are dedicated to further exploring the principles in her signature book, The Enlightened Entrepreneur, and specific strategies to implement them.

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