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Olivia Lobell’s books empower the lives around the world. Olivia’s core message – Be authentically successful doing what you love – is at the heart of all her work, her business, and her life. She deeply believes that we are here for a reason: to be of service, to give and receive, and to truly thrive and incorporates these elements into her transformation books, programs, and live events.

Olivia happily states that her proudest accomplishment in life is being a good daughter and sister, a loving wife and friend, a lifelong student and teacher of success, and a positive example for her community.

Her second, she would tell you, is her book The Enlightened Entrepreneur.

That book’s message – about building a thriving business around your blessing, passion, and purpose – was inspired by a deep wake-up calling she had after finishing her Master’s degree in London, UK, in late 2008 which led her to go through a self-discovery journey in her life, what she calls her “soul searching” journey. She went through three years of totally immersion in self-growth and entrepreneurship. She was blessed to transition from a successful 10-year language teaching career to building a thriving business she loves while being authentic and aligned with her passion and purpose.

She became an enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E. (Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Leader, and Expert) and is now sharing her knowledge of enlightened entrepreneurship in her new book The Enlightened Entrepreneur: Make an Impact and an Income Doing What You Love.

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The Enlightened Entrepreneur
Making an Impact and an Income Doing What You Love

The Enlightened Entrepreneur reveals how passionate professionals: Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Leaders, and Experts (C.A.S.T.L.E.) can stand up, stand out, and share their message out into the world while making a difference (and getting well-paid for doing it!).

Author Olivia Lobell, founder of Authentic Business Success reveals a 5-step progressing plan for making an impact and an income doing what you love.

Your biggest challenges, fears, and frustrations are about to become your greatest success, greatest asset, and greatest legacy. Follow the evolutionary step-by-step system in “The Enlightened Entrepreneur” and you will transform not only your life but the lives of those you serve, touch, and impact.
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The Enlightened Entrepreneur Book by Olivia Lobell


Pebbles in the Pond
Transforming the World One Person at a Time

Join Olivia Lobell and other 43 transformation authors, including best-selling authors Marci Shimoff, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Sonia Choquette, and Christine Kloser – as they share their own touching, powerful, and profound true stories of their trials, triumphs, and their ultimate transformations.

They’ll instantly become a source of great inspiration as they hold nothing back — and tell you from their heart of their journeys from their darkest moments into the light of a new awareness — of the lessons and priceless gifts these experiences gave them.

In their lives, and with this book, those gifts are being passed on and on, to help and inspire others on their own journeys… like you.

Their writings will inspire you to look for the “pebbles” in your own life and see them for what they really are – a chance to heal and offer hope to countless people as you let your own transformation ripple forth into the world.
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From Tears To Triumph
Stories to Transform Your Life Today

Join Olivia Lobell and other 16 tears-to-triumph authors, including transformational authors Ann White, Doreen G. Fulton, Kimberly Burnham, Carolyn Rose Hart, Maeve Crawford, Dorit Sasson, Linda Crawford, Sandra Longmore, Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak, Lilia Shoshanna Rae and Kimberly Barclay – as they share their own inspiring, empowering and enlightening “from-tears-to-triumph” stories.

In Tears to Triumph: Stories to Transform Your Life Today – an Anthology from the Authors of Pebbles in the Pond and more…, The transformational authors of Pebbles in the Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time plus others many inspiring authors reveals how they turned their darkest moments into triumph; jump started their lives from stuck to vibrant and fulfilling; struggled with fear and self-doubt, and emerged confident; developed fulfilling relationships with partners, family and friends, and much more.

If you’re feeling exhausted, frustrated and stuck or just plain bored with where you are, you’ll really want to come see what this is all about. I invite you to take this step now, not only for yourself – but for the world that is calling you into your power. Join us on this transformational journey to a vibrant life. Click here to learn more.