How To Create Client Attractive Images That Work In All Social Networks

Do you want to create client attractive images that work in all Social Media Networks?

Are you creating images with different size to each social media account you have?

In this article I’m going to share with you How To Create Client Attractive Images That Work Across Social Networks, which will save you time and expand the visibility of your business.

How To create client attractive images

As we know an image speaks for a thousand words, so creating eye-catching images to share will make your business stand out to your ideal clients. But sharing images in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be time consuming because they have different sizes.

Using one image across different social networks is a great way for small entrepreneurs as coaches, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts to look good when compared with brands with big budgets to spend.

Are you ready to create client attractive images that work across social networks? If you are, let’s make the images that will look great when shared on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

#1: Start With the Right Image Dimensions

Let’s start using open graph image dimensions which is 560 x 292. You can use many tools available to create your image. In my case I will use which is a great free image creation tool. Image size below:

How To Create Client Attractive Images That Work Across Social Networks

Tip: Canva provides excellent tutorials on how to create great images.

#2: Place Your Text in the Correct Place

To make sure your image will appear great in all three social networks, give 40 pixels space on the left and the right side of your image. Also give 10 pixel of space at the botton and top. You can also give about 2 to 5 pixels cushion of the sides. Doing so, gives a bit of extra room so the text does not appears to close to the edge of the image.

image pixels

#3: See How Your Client Attractive Image Looks

Once you finish with the design, do a test, share your image on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook  to see the final result. Image posted on Facebook.


Now I have on question for you. How does your images look like in all three Social Networks now?


With this simple but powerful technique you will save time when creating client attractive images to your business. In addition, your business will stand out more when you share content across these social networks. Start creating eye-catching images and it will look like it was made specifically for each channel when shared.

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