Mentoring & Training With Olivia Lobell

Imagine what you could accomplish if you personally
mentored and trained with Olivia and her team!


Olivia LobellOlivia Lobell has created training programs and SOUL-utions designed SPECIFICALLY for YOU – The Enlightened Entrepreneur – Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Leader and Expert who wants to build a THRIVING business around your blessing, attract more IDEAL clients and make a lot more profits while being AUTHENTIC and aligned with your PASSION and PURPOSE.

Mentoring and training with Olivia is your opportunity to work personally with an authentic business success mentor who combines your blessing, passion and purpose with authentic business success tools to help you get your message out there in a BIG way, confidently charge what you’re worth and get it so that you can finally make a difference and get well-paid doing what you LOVE!

From virtual online programs to live, personal mentoring, Olivia offers many levels of coaching, mentoring and training for both brand new entrepreneurs, just starting off in business, and more advanced business owners.



“Speak to SHINE Profit Secrets! How to Create Your Speak-to-SHINE Signature Talk You Love and that Sells Your Packages Easily, Effortlessly, and Authentically, EVEN if you can’t sell from the stage!”


Do you want to speak to SHINE your brilliance, sell your services, programs and products confidently and attract more clients consistently without being push-y, sales-y or out of integrity? Unfortunately, many people are teaching “hard-sell” method or the “old boy” way of selling that doesn’t work anymore. Well, it’s time to learn from Olivia Lobell— who designed a complete speaking training step-by-step system for you to:

  • Get your message out there in a big and authentic way.

  • Be totally confident asking for what you’re worth and get it once and for all.

  • Attract more clients consistently, increase your impact and income dramatically, EVEN if you’ve never spoken in your life and you’re starting with free gigs! (YES, this really CAN happen!)

The Speak-to-Sell Profit Secrets Virtual Training is designed specifically for enlightened entrepreneurs: coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts who prefer an enlightening and empowering style of speaking and want to use their authentic voice, confidence and style to sell their packages and charge what they’re worth and get it once and for all.

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“The Enlightened Entrepreneur VIP Package Profit Secrets: Make a Difference and Get Well-Paid Doing What You Love – ALL NEW Authentic Business Success System”


VIP Package Profit SecretsUse my ENTIRE, PROVEN, step-by-step system to quickly design, deliver, promote and launch your VIP Package that you love and that sells authentically so you can double, triple and/or even multiply your business, IMPACT and INCOME – all while saving yourself time, energy and money (S.Y.S.T.E.M.) trying to figure it out all by yourself, and making it effortless, easy and simple for you to create fantastic info-products and move away from “£££-for-hours” work faster than you would on your own!

Whether you’re brand new in business or a more experienced entrepreneur, you’ll discover my insider secrets, structures and strategies designed to help you create enlightening and profitable VIP Packages (programs, products and services) again and again. All you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system to see these life-changing results in YOUR own authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur journey.

And to make this simple and easy for you, I’ve included all of the practically done-for-you materials, templates, sample forms and emails, step by step checklists and outlines, everything you need to get started right away offering your own VIP Package that you love and that sells authentically. If you’ve ever wanted to implement VIP Packages in your business model but didn’t know where to start or what to do first and next, this life-transforming training program will show you.

Best of all, The Enlightened Entrepreneur VIP Package Profit Secrets was created for busy enlightened entrepreneurs—the curriculum is designed to help you generate more impact and income in one day than you would in a whole month.

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