Why do Some Coach-preneurs Succeed and Others Don’t?


Have you ever asked yourself, why do some coach-preneurs succeed and others don’t? If you are like me, I bet you have. In other words, why are some solo entrepreneurs such as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts so successful while many aren’t? You may also be wondering, why are there just a few people achieving extraordinary financial results… Read more

5 Simple Strategies to Get More Clients to Your Coaching Business


Are you creating simple strategies to get more clients to your coaching business? Are you consistently and authentically attracting more clients as a coach-preneur? The world has changed; the old paradigm of living, surviving and getting by with only one income stream doesn’t do the job anymore. The old paradigm of a limited, scarcity, manipulative mentality doesn’t do the trick… Read more

4 Profit Pillars to Get More Clients as a Coach-preneur


What business models are you using to get more clients as a Coach-preneur? As a Coach-preneur, you build a thriving business around your services, passion and purpose, which means you not only make an impact and income while making a difference, but you also prosper and profit from your unique transformation. You put money and soul into your coaching business through… Read more