10 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business


Are you attracting more clients, making more money and growing your coaching business consistently and authentically? It’s not always easy for coaches, holistic practitioners, solo-entrepreneurs, small business owners and other service-based independent professionals to attract and keep lots of clients, quickly, authentically and consistently. These “10 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business” will help, support and serve… Read more

Why do Some Coach-preneurs Succeed and Others Don’t?


Have you ever asked yourself, why do some coach-preneurs succeed and others don’t? If you are like me, I bet you have. In other words, why are some solo entrepreneurs such as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts so successful while many aren’t? You may also be wondering, why are there just a few people achieving extraordinary financial results… Read more

5 Mindset Secrets To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business [Part 2 of 2]


Are you attracting clients to your coaching business? Are you attracting more ideal clients to your coaching business authentically and consistently? If so, congratulations and well done! That’s the way to go. Kindest kudos to you! If you’re not there yet, please allow me to share with you my “5 Mindset Secrets to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Business” Part… Read more