Top 10 Results to Expect When You Learn How to Monetize Your Passion

Olivia-Lobell-Top-10-Results-of-Monetizing-Your-PassionAre you building a business to monetize your passion and create the results you’ve always expected? It’s one thing to build a business–but quite another to build a business and live a life that you truly love. And I’ve noticed that a lot of people end up with a business or career they just tolerate. Worse are the people who want to build a business to monetize their passion and create the results they’ve always expected, but for any reason, are stuck in a business, career or job that they don’t like, or even hate. Either way, it’s not a great place to be. Let’s face it. You didn’t start a business or a career simply because you wanted to go through the process. No, you started a business or a career because you want the results AND you expect to create great results when you monetize your passion. OK, I got it, so what results to expect when you learn how to monetize your passion and finally create a business and a life you love with all your heart and soul? That’s all we’re going to talk about in this week’s article: “Top 10 Results to Expect When You Learn How to Monetize Your Passion.” Have fun, feel the love, learn a ton and enJOY! 🙂

Top 10 Results to Expect When You Learn How to Monetize Your Passion

First, let me answer one of your most frequently asked questions: “How quickly can I expect to see results?” My answer to this question is: “It depends how long you’ve been in business and how totally committed you are to monetizing your passion and investing your time, energy and efforts to do the daily, weekly, monthly activities outlined on your own entrepreneurial journey.” And yes, you need to put a lot of work into your “Labor of Love”–Monetizing-Your-Passion Business. It doesn’t happen on its own, trust me. However, when you do the work, you’ll be SO happy and feel SO fulfilled to see the results you created in your business and life.

Traditionally, a service-based business such as a coaching business can get consistently full of clients in about 2, 3 or 4 years (sometimes even longer!), and that’s with lots of mistakes. However, when you build a business to monetize your passion, you can expect a fraction of that time especially if you follow a proven, step-by-step system and are guided with the help of a business mentor/coach.

That said, with the new age and technology times, you can expect to see results within the first couple of months (instead of years) in the form of new clients, new students, new partners. When you know exactly how to monetize your passion, you can see clients who stay longer, more impact, more income, turning more potential clients into paying clients, and even better, more referrals from all these new clients. What a great place to be! 🙂

With that said, let’s take a look on the top 10 results to expect when you learn how to monetize your passion and build a business and life you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Create a “monetize your passion” strategy within the first three months.

2. Create a compelling, magnetic message that will make that ideal client say, “Wow, that’s exactly what I need, when can we start?”

3. Identify the EXACT clients who will pay you what you’re worth, benefit from your services, get great results and refer others to you.

4. Make your service-based business (program, product or package) stand out in your industry, area of expertise and in the marketplace.

5. Discover proven ways to educate your environment so that more than just your clients are sending you referrals. (How wonderful is that?! 🙂 )

6. Create packages (programs and products) so that your clients stay longer, get better results, write you client-attractive testimonials and have you increase your income.

7. Learn how to manage your clients (and your time) more effectively and efficiently so you can actually have time for MORE clients and more profits.

8. Set up referral systems and create powerful partnerships and strategic referral alliances.

9. Make more impact, more influence and more money than you are making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself more than ever before.

10. Work with a mentor/coach and get specific tools and proven strategies you can apply right away, so as not to have to reinvent the “Monetize Your Passion” business wheel on your own.

These are just the top ten results to expect when you learn how to monetize your passion with the help, guidance and support of a business mentor/coach and a proven, step-by-step system (roadmap) that gives you direction, accountability, clarity and confidence to be, do and have what you’re here on this planet to be, do and have. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much, much more.

Today, I felt like to enlighten your mind, empower your heart and inspire your soul with all these GREAT results you can expect when you learn how to monetize your passion and build a thriving business you love from the inside out. And remember, I’m here when you need me. Your “monetize your passion” success is my TRUE calling. 🙂

Authentic Business Success in Action

Make a conscious choice right now. You have 3 choices. You can choose to read this article, see the results to expect when you monetize your passion and: 1. Choose to do nothing and stay where you are. 2. Choose to monetize your passion on your own. 3. Choose to work with an authentic business success mentor/coach to help, guide and support you to monetize your passion and build a business and life you love. Now it’s your time to choose. Your time to make a conscious decision is right now. Choose and commit to it. Then, apply the Law of G.A.D.I. – Go And Do it and truly thrive today, tomorrow and beyond! 🙂

QUESTION: What is stopping you from asking help, guidance and support of a business mentor/coach? Please leave your comments, challenges and/or insights below. We’d love to hear from you. Your success is my passion! 🙂

Until then, share your PASSION, live your PURPOSE and TRULY THRIVE today!

Thriving Together,
Olivia 🙂

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