Top 3 Best Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Online Business

Olivia-Lobell-Ezine-101-SmallWhat’s your top 3 best strategies to attract more clients to your online business? I recently asked a few dozen online entrepreneurs such as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts: what their biggest challenge is in their online business and what they feel could solve that challenge. Almost everyone said their biggest challenge is lack of clients (not having enough clients) which leads to inconsistent income and of course lack of money. Why? They said everything from they don’t know how to attract and/or get more clients, don’t have their right ideal audience, their message and marketing need to be improved, and they need to reach many more people.

Here’s a transformational truth: you don’t need to reach MANY MORE people, you just need to reach the RIGHT people = your ideal people (your ideal clients).The right people, your ideal people, are those who are already looking for what you have to offer. The people who have already identified they have a problem/challenge they want to solve and now they are just looking for the right solution, meaning the right person and program/package to help them solve their most pressing issues.

So how do you reach the right people, your IDEAL people? How do you let them discover you, get to know you better and learn more about what you offer and how you solve their biggest challenge?

For online business start-ups, it doesn’t work by focusing 100% on more strategies and clever tactics and techniques to build an email list, meaning your online community/tribe. Or to leverage social media sites like Facebook ads, LinkedIn or teleseminars and webinars… Why? Because the RIGHT people who have already decided that they want to solve a problem (their biggest challenge), don’t want more information. They want a TRANSFORMATION. They want a transformational EXPERIENCE. Your IDEAL clients (audience, tribe, community) want CONNECTION, they want CHANGE, they want CONCRETE RESULTS and, most important, they want SPEED when it comes to solving their biggest challenge/problem that you can help them with.

So give them a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE (connection, change, concrete results) – a transformational experience that leaves them further along their own path and one that they want more support, more guidance and more direction from you because that means even more speed, clarity, confidence and ease in their personal and professional life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Give them a transformational experience of YOU – the real, true, authentic you – the you who had the desire to contribute to the world, to make a difference, to make a positive impact without the pressure of making sales so you could pay your bills. THAT part of you who LOVES what you do for the sake of loving it – not because you “have to”, “need to” or “should” because you want to be a successful online business owner.

My question for you is: Are you giving the RIGHT people a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE, or just more information?

I’m inviting you to learn how to give people what they REALLY want, need and desire, which includes unforgettable, transformational experiences without breaking the bank, reinventing the wheel or cramming yourself into someone’s one-size-fits-all formula.

How can you do this? Choose your top 3 Best Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Online Business – and give them a transformational experience with YOU!

Attract the RIGHT people, your IDEAL audience, people like you and me, who don’t want just another transaction in our businesses – we want transformation, we want experience, we want a transformational experience. AND we are about transformation for both the world (our clients, community/tribe) and our bank accounts.

Here’re my Top 3 Best Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Online Business:

  1. Create Your I.F.O. (Irresistible Free Offer) – which can be a special report, audio CD, DVD, interview, talk, video, etc. Then you create a web page (opt-in page) where your potential ideal clients can give you their name and email address for instant access of your “special gift” = I.F.O. Now that you have your gift and the link of the page for right people to access it, it’s time to promote it everywhere online and offline.

For example, online: 1. on your blog – at the end of each article and/or blog post you write weekly, you can have a little opt-in box with your I.F.O. 2. on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can share a quote and/or image related to the topic and invite people to access your special gift. 3. on your email signature: you can have a compelling phrase and/or question to make your free offer irresistible and a link to the opt-in page.

Offline: 1. on your business card – on the back side write a compelling phrase and/or question(s) and invite people to access your I.F.O. with the link to your web page. 2. printed ads – always have your I.F.O. at the end of each one of them. 3. your networking group / circle of influence (which includes your past and new clients) – let them know about your I.F.O. in every opportunity you have with them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must share your I.F.O. everywhere and anywhere you can online and offline so that the right people can discover you and access your special free gift from many and different places.

WARNING: This I.F.O. strategy works best and produces faster results (meaning = growing your list of potential clients = your online community) when you can share it organically (free online) and also using Facebook paid advertisement to boost your effort and reach more IDEAL people in a short period of time. The paid investment can be low, but the return in your investment will be higher and quicker than the organic one. Something to consider.

  1. Create Powerful Partnerships – to give free talks (your signature talk) online and offline with other people of influence in your industry and/or other industries: Your main goal is to give a free talk at least once a month, then 2X a month, and maybe if you can participate in different networking groups / coaching communities, associations, etc. you can experiment 3X a month and/or weekly when you’re more familiar and confident with your own “Signature Talk”. Remember to use both vehicles: online = participating as a guest speaker for a summit, be interviewed for a radio show and/or for other people’s blogs being featured as an expert, specialist on your field. Offline = participating as an expert speaker for a breakfast networking group (lunch and/or dinner networking group), small communities in your local area, and other associations, events, etc. related to human potential and personal and professional development.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It can take some time to create all these powerful partnerships, but once you start creating them, they start referring you for other people of influence and it’s like the ripple effect… you start growing and expanding more and more, which leads to attracting more of your ideal people.

WARNING: Consistency and persistence are master keys!!! 🙂

  1. Create Your Own Weekly or Bi-weekly E-zine (email newsletter) – create a new high-value, high-content article and/or video at least 2X a month (weekly is even better) and publish it for your online community/tribe together with something about you (= your personal life, own development & growth) as you grow your business and yourself; become a publisher and write articles not only for your website (blog) and email list, but also highly recognized websites for article submission such as, 1., 2., and 3.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to always include a little opt-in box for people to access your I.F.O. and/or learn more about you and your services at the end of your e-zine article and for your article submission  at the end of your article and together with your small bio. Always, always, always have an opt-in link so people can take action and take the next step to get to know you better.

WARNING: These TOP 3 BEST Ways to attract more clients to your online business work even better when they are applied in connection with each other, meaning you have all of them together consistently and automatically working for you 24/7.

I believe and I know that this is the way to go, this is what works for us, our company, for our mentors and our clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and all over the world. This is the real deal. These are real, concrete, specific business models (vehicles) for you to attract more of the right people (your potential ideal clients) to your website, your online community, your free strategy/discovery/breakthrough session, and your services (programs, packages and products) so you can build a real long-term relationship with the right people and transform them (= your potential clients) into highly-qualified paying clients.

Hope this long high-value, content-rich article can help, support and serve you to light the way for you and keep you focused on what REALLY works in this time and age in our industry to start and build a successful online business as a coach, author, speaker, trainer, leader and expert, what I love to call, an enlightened entrepreneur! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing YOUR top 3 ways to attract more clients to your online business. Until then, Happy Online Business Success! With lots of love, light and success…

Thriving Together,
Olivia 🙂

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