What keeps a coach like you up at night?

Olivia-Lobell-Blog-95What keeps a coach like you up at night? In other words, what’s your number one concern as a coaching business owner? That’s my question for you. In my latest research I’ve found that what keeps most coach-preneurs, coaching business owners like you up at night are things like “earning enough money to pay the bills while trying to make their coaching programs, products and services profitable.”

Most of these coach-preneurs (and aspiring ones) in the beginning of starting their own coaching business know that in the worst case scenario they know they can always go out and get a j-o-b.

However, from my own experience, a couple of years into the business we start doing very well, if we’re committed, serious and determined to make our dream business a reality.

So well in fact, that I now get to worry about far more interesting problems – like, for example, what can be done to somehow help other coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts avoid Benjamin Disraeli’s prediction that “most people die with their music still locked up inside them.” Actually, it pains me SO MUCH to meet a “want-to-be coach” or “aspiring coaching business owner” who has these tremendous gifts inside yet who allows themselves to remain locked safely but miserably in job jail. Passionate professionals who are afraid or don’t dare to dream at all and so could not possibly bring themselves to dream big dreams like making their dream coaching business of today become their reality of tomorrow.

You would think that I’d be content knowing that in some small way I’ve helped literally hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts to make the leap from having not enough clients or no clients at all to being successful attracting more $$$ clients to their coaching businesses, and finally creating enough money to be able to pay the bills while making the leap from having a boss to being their own boss.

And 10 of 10 you’d think, too, that after doing this work for years now I’d have been prepared for the shocking answers when I asked readers to send me their top two or three questions about what it takes to make their coaching business a success. But even I was taken aback.

All of us – aspiring and established coach alike – need someone to remind us that changing course from being an employee to being our own boss may not always be easy, but it is worth it. In fact, being with no money is not easy. Yet sometimes it takes a crisis to moves us to action. On the other hand, it is wonderful to know that we are building something from the ground up. 🙂

Changing course and start growing your own business is an adventure. According to Webster’s Dictionary the word adventure derives from the Latin adventus, past participle of advenire to arrive. Of course the dictionary tells us that an adventure also involves an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks… but also an exciting or remarkable experience.

That’s why we all need business mentors/coaches to help and support us on the way. After all, a little encouragement can go a long way.

Why making the leap? Because you have been preparing emotionally and mentally for this step for years and you are so ready that you have to do it.

Okay, so you’d think hearing coach-preneurs’ from-struggling-to-success stories like you would make me sleep like a baby… but you’d be wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love hearing success stories like mine from a surviving service provider to a thriving coaching business owner, and so on. In fact, they make my day. I love giving other coach-preneurs the support, guidance and information they need to work at what they love and make money doing it on their own terms. And I like to think I’m pretty good at it. But, unfortunately, for the vast majority of coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts the process of changing course (from working in an unfulfilling j-o-b to owning a sustainable business) is so painfully slow. So slow in fact, that most coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts never do a thing.

So again, I ask you: “What keeps a coach, author, speaker, trainer, leader or expert like you up at night? What’s your number one concern about building a thriving business doing what you love?”

For a while now what’s kept me up at night is trying to figure out how to help greater numbers of coach-preneurs like you to ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS so you can finally create a successful coaching business you love F-A-S-T-E-R! Since launching my signature program: “7 Steps to Monetize Your Passion” in London, UK , and now in Brasil “7 Passos Para Atrair Mais Clientes No Seu Negócio de Coaching” (Portuguese language) I’ve learned a ton about how to significantly accelerate the process of getting from where you are (meaning having just a few or no clients at all) to where you want to be (having enough clients to make your coaching business profitable). Up until now the challenge has been figuring out how to share it all in both languages, English and Portuguese.

Like I said in the last newsletter, I have been literally working on this HUGE project in Brazil for over a year now… and I’ve already started “seeding” it within my own community, which has already created successful, amazing results in Brazil. However, I’m finally ready to make a bigger impact and share my message in a much bigger way (in Portuguese, too). And I know and feel from my Soul’s deepest desires that it is going to be a complete step-by-step proven program with everything I know about how to attract more clients to create a thriving coaching business you love.

In fact, when I asked the question in my recent survey in Brazil, “If you could sit down with me for lunch what top two or three questions would you want to ask me about attracting more clients to your coaching business?” most coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts wanted to know how to “find” one thing or another.

Some aspiring coach-preneurs asked how they could find their heart’s desire… their true passion, their unique purpose, their deeper calling if you will. Others wanted to know how to find the time or the money to pursue their dream coaching business. A fair number of want-to-be coaching business owners had very practical money questions, like what to do about how to price their programs and products and how much to charge for their coaching services. Others were looking for suggestions on how to get an unsupportive spouse or other family member to support their dream coaching business building. Still others were seeking specific information and guidance on things like client attraction marketing or how to start a small coaching business. And a few even said flat out told me that all they really need to get going is a good “kick in the pants” or someone to “hold them by the hand” and walk the path with them.

The whole point of doing the survey was to make sure that before I sent my new “7 Steps to Attract More Clients to Your Coaching Business” (Portuguese) project off to the printer and launch that I didn’t miss anything. Their (and maybe yours is included) answers did help me tweak a few things – like adding more educational information and some new worksheets on how to create multiple income streams, different business models and leverage profit centers. But overall I was really happy to see that my original “comprehensive program” was right on target.

When this project “launches” it’s going to cover everything from figuring out what you’d really love to do, to how to turn your potential clients into paying clients, to finding the time and money to create your dream business, to dealing with fear and self-doubt, to what to do about client attraction marketing and coaching business building challenges, to promote your message on a shoe string budget, to navigating the transition from a surviving service provider to a thriving business owner, to coaching business start-up tips, to where to get ongoing support and answers to frequently asked questions, to how to profit from an online coaching business, to how to stay inspired and keep your dream coaching business on track… and so forth.

I know that finding the money, time, courage, and support to make your dream come true of attracting all the clients you want, desire and need are all important to create a successful coaching business you love. The good news is that they are also manageable. What I mean is, there really are actual practical steps you can take to work out, work on, and work around all of these barriers to attract all the clients you want, desire and need. I know because I’ve been studying these steps for over five years now.

I understand your worries because I lived them. In fact, I spent a couple of years concerning about where I would find the money, time and confidence to change my life direction and answer my Soul calling. What finally moved me to action was a deeper wake up call.

Fast forwarding to today, going through to all this “surviving to thriving” transition made me totally changed how I viewed time (we can choose how we use it), money (things work out), and life (it’s all too short).

So one of the questions I ask you now is, “What should be the driving, better yet, propelling force to get the courage to make the leap and create a thriving business doing what you love?” I know it’s a great question but one that is also impossible to answer for someone else. However, I know what the propelling force was for me. Now I’m asking you. What is the propelling force for YOU?

Transitioning from” surviving to thriving” in the beginning makes most of us, coach-preneurs (and want to be one) realize that we probably spend far too much time worrying endlessly about what might happen if we made the leap, and not nearly enough time worrying about what would happen if we DIDN’T. In other words, instead of being afraid of the “unknown risks” that adventure can bring, we should have been equally worried about the “known risks.” The known risk of staying stuck is spending another 25 years dealing with alarm clocks, commuter traffic, office politics, and spending five days a week living the spirit numbing reality that, as it’s been said, “the truth is rarely told between the hours of 9-to-5.”

“The big break for me,” quipped Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, “was deciding that this is my life.” I know what he means. For me the propelling force was finally getting – and I mean really getting – that I only had one life to live. And that by not at least trying to create the life I really wanted, in all likelihood I would die with my music still in me. Now THAT was scary!

The American editor and author Christopher Morley got it right when he said, “There is only one success… to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it.” So when you go to bed tonight try “worrying” about what it might look like to actually create your business and life “in your own way.”

But rather than letting this question keep you up I want you to think about what you might do to move yourself in the direction of your dreams and not your fears. I want you to begin to focus less on “what is” and more on “what could be.” 2015 is almost upon us. As we approach a New Year you may already be thinking about how you want 2015 to be different… how you can make 2015 YOUR YEAR. So, what promise can you make yourself to make that happen?

There is nothing like a public declaration to help you stick to a commitment – just ask anyone who’s ever showed up for their weekly Weight Watchers meeting weigh-in or attended a 12-Step program. So in the spirit of keeping commitments to ourselves I’ve created a special place to listen to your New Year’s Resolution for Attracting More Clients to Your Coaching Business.

It’s easy. Just go to 7 Steps to Monetize Your Passion now and complete your “ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS” Private Breakthrough Session call request. This is a no pressure, complimentary conversation. We’ll PERSONALLY connect with you within 48 hours to schedule your call. This complimentary conversation is all about YOU and discovering what’s best for YOU to attract more clients, make more money and grow your business. (But HURRY UP! First come, first served.)

Then, to give your dream a little extra momentum going into the New Year, look for a “7 Steps to Monetize Your Passion in 2015 Special Issue” next month. Among other things, I’ll include a compilation of your collective “creating a successful coaching business” resolutions to make 2015 your year to get serious about attracting all the clients you want, desire and need.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said of new beginnings, “It all begins when the soul would have its way with you.” If you really let “your soul have its way with you” what would it want your New Year’s resolution be? Share it now with me booking a complimentary “ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS” business conversation at http://www.authenticbizsuccess.com/breakthrough-session

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the volume of emails I’m getting is any indication, then the response to my new “7 Steps To Monetize Your Passion” system or “7 Passos to Atrair Mais Clientes No Seu Negocio de Coaching” (Portuguese version) system is going to be huge. If you speak Portuguese and want to get a head start on learning more about “7 Passos to Atrair Mais Clientes No Seu Negocio de Coaching” sign up for my FREE webinar about it coming up next Wednesday, November 26 at www.atracaodeclientes.com.br and if you want to reserve your spot to talk with me PERSONALLY and take advantage of one of my limited number of special seats I’m scheduling for next month I encourage you to sign up today at http://www.authenticbizsuccess.com/breakthrough-session/

QUESTION: What makes a coach like YOU up at night? What’s YOUR number one concern about attracting more clients to your coaching business? Please leave your comments, insights and questions below. We’re always happy to hear from you. Your “Client Attraction” success is my passion! 🙂

Thriving Together,
Olivia 🙂

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